Are You a Human - Why Whitelist?

Why Use the Verified Human Whitelist™?

More than 56% of traffic on the internet comes from automated programs called bots1. While most companies focus on bot detection2, we approach the problem from a different angle: we find humans. Every day, we analyze hundreds of millions of interactions across several million websites to determine which users are human. The users that repeatedly prove they are human are added to the Verified Human Whitelist™, which is available as a targetable data segment. This data segment allows you to be certain you’re addressing a verified human before you serve content, services or ads. Some of the benefits of using the Verified Human Whitelist™ are:

1. For publishers, bot traffic comes in many different forms. Although most bots are not malicious, some web scraping and click-fraud bots threaten how humans experience online content. Bots can lead to slower page loads, pesky spam filters and they threaten the security of sites and databases that hold sensitive information.

2. Most botnets that take over IPs and devices are blacklisted. While this can effectively catch bots, it also catches humans who are also using the same IP or device. The Verified Human Whitelist™ ensures that real humans are not blocked by blacklisting.

3. Last year more than six billion dollars were wasted3 due to ad fraud. The Whitelist™ allows brands, advertisers, publishers and media companies to eliminate this wasted spend.

4. For advertisers, using the Whitelist™ increases viewability and ROI.

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