Are You a Human - Solutions


Real Time Human Detection

Our Real Time Human Detection service is an API that provides user and event level humanness verification that helps site owners and technology companies ensure that the user being addressed is a Verified Human.

Deploying our tag is simple. Once you create an account on our Dashboard, you can use our automatic tag generator to create a custom tag and pass in any additional parameters to fully customize your reporting.


Multiple reporting options to fit your needs:

Batch Reporting

Receive regular reports about the humanness of your users delivered in scheduled increments to a secure location in a format that works best for you.

Dashboard Analytics

Log in to our dashboard to conduct in-depth analytics about your traffic sources. Drill down on several default metrics such as geography, device type, browser, domain. Layer on your own data by passing in macros to the human tag such as campaign, account, referrer.

Real Time API Response

Receive real time feedback on the humanness when the human tag is invoked. We analyze the visitor in real time and send the results back to your reporting server for you to incorporate into your own analytics tool or dashboard.

Pre-Bid Solutions

We also offer pre-bid solutions to help advertisers make real time decisions on each impression they bid on. Contact us to learn more.


Verified Human Whitelist™

The Verified Human Whitelist™ is a data segment of exclusively Verified Humans. Layer the Verified Human Whitelist™ on top of any other targeting, to ensure the data and media you're paying for reach Verified Humans.

Find the Verified Human Whitelist in your DMP or DSPS.