Are You a Human - Distil Networks Acquires Are You a Human

Are You a Human Joins Forces With Distil Networks to Ramp Up Fight Against Bots

Today, we’re excited to announce that Are You a Human has been acquired by Distil Networks. When we started Are You a Human, we set out to make the internet a better place for real people. We believe we’ve done our small part to help that mission, and we’re excited to join an incredible team at Distil that has been dedicated to that same mission for as long as we have. Together, we’ll be able to push that fight forward better than either of us have been able to apart.

As part of the acquisition, the Human Tag will be re-branded as Distil Bot Discovery. If you’re currently using the Human Tag to protect your site, nothing will change for you, except getting even better bot detection. Your tag will still work, and if you go to the same login link you’ve been using, we will re-direct you to the new Distil Bot Discovery dashboard. Dashboard functionality won’t change either, you’ll just see some new colors and a different logo.

We’re also launching a brand new Google Analytics plugin, that allows you to see bot reporting directly in your Google Analytics dashboard, for free. If you use Google Analytics, we highly recommend you check it out. And, in addition to getting bot reporting as you have in the past, you’ll now also have the option to block bots before they hit your site through Distil Bot Defense. If you’re interested in proactive bot blocking, take a look at a demo here.

Lastly, we’re particularly happy to say the team will be staying in Detroit, and opening a new Distil office here. The Detroit community has been incredibly helpful and supportive to us, and we can’t imagine doing this anywhere else. Being able to build this company in Detroit has been hugely meaningful to all of us, and we’ll still be part of that awesome community going forward.

Thank you to all of you, customers, investors, partners, and friends for supporting us on this incredible journey. Every piece of feedback you’ve given, every bit of data you’ve sent our way, every tweet and recommendation has helped us get better, reach more people, and stop more bots. We’ll pay that support back as we continue to fight bots as part of Distil Networks.

The Humans