Are You a Human - About Us

Detroit, Michigan

Are You a Human is the curator of The Verified Human Whitelist™, which allows anyone using it to be certain they are addressing a verified human before they serve content, services, or ads.

Automated programs, called bots, account for 61% of overall internet traffic today — and as the world becomes more digital, this will only increase. Bots clutter the Internet with fake social media profiles, hack accounts, and are responsible for nearly all fraud. Ultimately, they make it more difficult for real humans to get what they need from the Internet, and more difficult for companies who serve humans to provide high quality content and services cost-effectively. This includes e-commerce, online banking, social media, and of course, media and advertising.

Instead of searching for bots, which evolve in a matter of days, we find and verify humans by analyzing natural user behavior across hundreds of thousands of websites. After we have consistently seen and verified a user as human, they’re added to the Whitelist™, and then re-verified over and over again each day. Bots can’t consistently look and act like real humans on every page, every day, so they’re never added to the list, and all that's left are real humans.

We started in 2010, and now analyze natural interaction in any environment, and help more than a million websites validate their traffic.

Our team, headquartered in Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles, are passionate about making the digital world better for real humans.