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This Captcha Alternative is a Million Times Better than Alphabet Soup


From Business 2 Community

Known as Are You A Human, this game ups the level of fun while eliminating frustration. (Seriously, who makes those things? The inventor of expert level crossword puzzles?) Rather than identifying and guessing, users can hop into a theme and perform a simple, yet fun, task. And bam – the captcha is unlocked.

As angry as I am every time a traditional decoder pops up, I have never been the least bit angry at playing an impromptu computer game. It’s like a midday treat.

Thanks Are you a Human for making my so life better. If I could hug you, I totally would.


Please enter dflasdfai2341 to continue: CAPTCHA and beyond


From Formisimo

“Are You A Human also do a variety of game based CAPTCHAs that take a few seconds, but are a much more pleasant experience. Make hot chocolates, put food in the fridge, and many more mini games serve as actually a very pleasant few seconds. You can try a demo here, but be warned; it is actually quite addictive.”


CAPTCHAs’ Effect on UX and How to Fix It


From Designmodo

“Another way to soothe the pain of CAPTCHAs is to present it in a more fun and enjoyable form; through play. Creating a simple, almost primitive game CAPTCHA you can make the security check process more user-friendly but still spam-free.”


Playing Games CAPTCHA-Style to Skip Through Video Ads


From BetaBeat

Anyone who’s seen a video on the internet plays the same routine — wait for an ad to load, hold your mouse over the “Skip Now” button, and zone out while the 5-second timer runs down. Now, a company called Are You A Human is making the process better for both consumers and advertisers.

The company’s new tool is called Playthru for Video, which lets online video sites swap the “Skip Now” button with a cute interactive game, so advertisers get better value for their ad dollars. As shown on the company’s site, you can skip a Quicken Loans commercial by dragging a small floating “Sold!” sign onto a small image of “your new house”.

It solves a dual problem with the “Skip Now” button: humans don’t pay attention, and bots let the video play and create a false view. The game takes about the same time to complete as you’d spend waiting otherwise – much quicker if you see it coming.


Interview with AYAH Co-Founder Reid Tatoris


From The Internet Advisor on WJR

8 minute interview with Foster Braun on The Internet Advisor on WJR News Talk Radio


Detroit’s Startups Are Building a Lot More Than Companies in Motor City


From PolicyMic

Are You a Human is a prime example of local talent who were encouraged by the startup scene in the city — and decided to stay. The company was started by a group of University of Michigan business school graduates.

“There’s a spark of innovation here, and people like to get their hands dirty and get things done,” said CEO Tyler Paxton. “I’m here for the long haul.”

Max Nussenbaum, a fixer at Are You A Human, agrees: “Detroit craves people,” he said in the Huffington Post. “And because of that, you can matter the minute you move here.”

“When you get to Detroit, the city screams at you to do something. It doesn’t matter what — just do something.”

Much like its name suggests, this startup is focused on figuring out whether or not people on the Internet are human beings and not bots programmed to do a person’s bidding.


Are You a Human debuts PlayThru for Video technology


From Model D Media

Ever count down the seconds before you can click through the commercial preceding an online video. Are You a Human thinks it has an answer this conundrum in the new spinoff of its CAPTCHA-killing technology it’s launching this month, PlayThru for Video. PlayThru for Video allows users to engage with a quick brand exercise, such as dragging a “Sold” sign to a home in an ad for Quicken Loans. That action takes the user directly to the video, skipping the opening advertisement.


Roundup: Google Demo Day, Merit Network, U-M, Plymouth Ventures


From Xconomy

Google Demo Day, where seven Detroit startups pitched to win a chance to present their business ideas to a group of Google executives during an April trip to Mountain View, CA, was held last week at Grand Circus in downtown Detroit. Yesterday, the winner was announced: iRule, a Detroit-based startup which has created an app that functions as a universal remote control. Another Detroit startup, Are You a Human, was the runner up.


Report: 55 million visitors verified as human


From BizReport

Most people who log on to websites are human; at least, that is what most businesses think. In truth, there is a growing number of bots and botnets which log on to sites or publisher pages fraudulently. One startup is helping brands ensure the traffic to their sites are, in fact, human, through game-based verification.


Chevy NE Auto Dealers Launch CAPTCHA Campaign, Transform Annoyance Into Ads


From MediaPost

Chevy launched a holiday CAPTCHA campaign this week for U.S. Northeast automotive dealers that will run through January. The technology supporting the campaign will become the basis for new services in 2014, “solving online annoyances people hate,” said Reid Tatoris, co-founder of Are You a Human.


Are You a Human Expands to New York, Hiring Lou Bridda as Vice President of Sales



Are You a Human, a Detroit startup that improves the user experience with online annoyances like CAPTCHA, today announced that it has expanded to New York City and hired Jersey City resident Lou Bridda as its Vice President of Sales. The company recently launched PlayThru, an interactive ad unit that allows marketers to deliver a brand message while verifying that the users who engage with the ad are real humans.


Are You a Human … beats bots better than CAPTCHA


From NetworkWorld

PlayThru is a brilliant idea and a huge improvement over all of the other ways I’ve seen for determining whether a user is a human or otherwise.


Reid Tatoris, Co-Founder of “Are You a Human?” on His Method of Human Verification


From The MakeGood

Reid Tatoris is the Co-Founder of “Are You a Human?”, a company dedicated to improving the way websites verify that their users are human, rather than bots. Are You a Human just announced plans to broadly launch their PlayThru service as a replacement option to the mostly used CAPTCHA method of human verification.


Ford Fiesta sees 8.76pc CTR with CAPTCHA alternative campaign


From Mobile Marketer

Ford Fiesta ran a digital and mobile campaign leveraging a CAPTCHA alternative [PlayThru] to target consumers ages 18-34, and since it started running in August, the campaign has seen 133 hours of brand interaction and a 84 percent completion rate.


These 12 startups are driving innovation in the ‘D’


From Upstart Business Journal

You know those scrambled letter and number puzzles we decipher and retype to get access to websites? A Detroit startup called Are You a Human is out to replace them with short video games (like putting virtual toppings on a sundae or parts on a bike) that better authenticate humans and keep out robots.


Detroit 2.0: Can Startups Lead the Motor City’s Comeback Charge?


From Coca-Cola Journey

[Are You a Human co-founder] Tyler Paxton, a Detroit native and self-professed tinkerer, returned home in the summer of 2011. His company – which develops mini-games to replace the distorted text websites use to verify their visitors are real people – is thriving alongside other like-minded startups in the M@dison Building downtown. The modernized 1917 structure overlooking Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers welcomed 3 million baseball fans last season, is ground zero for the city’s brimming tech scene.


Deadline Detroit: StartUp the Conversation: Are You A Human


From Deadline Detroit

Are You A Human is a Detroit-based start up that re-imagines captchas, those pesky scrambled words that websites often ask users to type to verify their “humanness” and prevent spam. Are You A Human replaces captchas with short games.


JJ’s List: Warning: Use CAPTCHAs to Stop Spam at Your Own Risk


From JJ's List

The guys at Are You a Human are working tirelessly to end the unidentifiable CAPTCHA code for good…It’s a vast improvement to some of the mind-alteringly unnatural CAPTCHA codes that have found their way onto the web in recent years and hopefully, will benefit those who struggle to identify them.


Are You A Human Develops Game-Based CAPTCHA Alternative


From Hot Hardware

The games are nearly mindless and kind of stupid, but that’s the point. For example, one game is “Catch only the butterflies”, wherein you can control a net with your mouse and drag it to the couple of butterflies in the tiny picture while avoiding the birds and bees. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)


Veritix Transforms Ticket Buying with CAPTCHA Alternative: Game-Based Verification


From PR Newswire

Veritix today announced the introduction of PlayThru, a game-based verification service that offers an easy-to-use alternative to a CAPTCHA. Veritix has partnered with Are You a Human to offer this integrated service for online ticket purchases, which eliminates the need for buyers to enter difficult to read CAPTCHA words that frequently require multiple entry attempts. Instead, consumers engage with short, simple, and interactive games to verify that they are human.


Seeding the Ground for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs


From Southeast Michigan Startup

Are You A Human…a tech start-up that is reinventing CAPTCHA technology (the squiggly letters online that authenticate human interaction) with simple video game play…is now one of the portfolio firms at Detroit Venture Partners, a high-profile tenant at the M@dison Building in downtown Detroit and an employer of an Adams Entrepreneur Fellow.


Core3 Solutions: Security Made Easier: Are You a Human


From Core3 Solutions

With Are You a Human, you no longer have to worry about typing ridiculous words; their system utilizes a variety of games (called PlayThrus) to test if people are humans or robots. That’s right—no more eye-squinting madness to identify yourself as a person. Games range from putting toppings on a piece of pizza to placing fish into water, and some other awesomeness in between.


Tnooz: It’s a Captcha, but not as we know it


From Tnooz

Are You a Human uses mini games, as above, for its Playthru human verification system and is also planning to offer branding opportunities around the system.

[Co-founder] Ben Blackmer says these sorts of solutions are about improving the user experience and can improve form submissions by up to 50%.


PC Magazine: Are You A Human? CAPTCHA and Beyond


From PC Magazine

“Would you like to play a game?” A computer once asked that in the movies, but in real life it’s tough for a ‘bot to get playful. The PlayThru authentication module from Are You A Human displays a very, very simple game, different each time.


CBS Detroit: Lansing Angel Group Invests In Detroit Tech Firm


From CBS Detroit

Capital Community Angel Investors announced that its members have successfully closed an investment in Are You a Human LLC, a technology company headquartered in downtown Detroit.


.Net Magazine: New tools for web design and development


From .Net Magazine

Ever just given up on a Captcha form, convinced that the thing must be broken somehow? Well, you’re not alone in that. Are You a Human presents a much simpler and more friendly way to validate a user’s humanity.


Trademark Productions: Are You A Human: Detroit’s CAPTCHA Alternative


From Trademark Productions

Aside from the occasional troll on the web, what would you consider the most annoying thing about the internet to be? For many people, including us, it’s the dreaded CAPTCHA. Detroit startup Are You A Human is trying to put an end to these frustrating exercises by replacing them with something else: a PlayThru game.


Teqno Logical: PlayThru: Say Goodbye To Unreadable Captchas


From Teqno Logical

Are you tired of those annoying captchas displayed on almost every web form? Of course you are, because they appear all the time, whatever you do on the net, and most of them are totally unreadable not only for machines, but for humans, too! If you hate those captchas as I do, here’s a nice alternative.


One Producer in the City: Awesome Person Thursday: Are You a Human


From One Producer in the City

What Are You A Human does is replace that annoying Captcha with a fun game which still proves you are not a robot and stops you from having an aneurism. I’m really not sure I have seen anything more awesome so they get this week’s honors.


Noupe: Fed Up with Unreadable: Are You a Human realises Captchas in the Form of Simple HTML5 Games


From Noupe

The principle of “Are You a Human“ is simple: Users have to accomplish a small game to prove that they are human beings. Obviously these games cannot be solved using spam bot techniques. All the different games have in common that the player has to sort things in some way or the other. Users need to place aliens on their home planets or basketballers on their court.


AYAH Drupal Module in the January 2013 Ubercart Newsletter


From the Ubercart Newsletter

If you’ve spent any time managing a web site, you’re well aware just how riddled the internet is with bots crawling the web looking to do their evil bidding.


Michigan Today: Reinventing the Wheel


From Michigan Today

The firm’s founders envision technology as the catalyst to diversify the state’s economy. One reason? Tech startups are easy to launch. “All we really need is a desk, wifi, and talented people to do what we do,” Paxton says. And with Amazon Cloud, there’s not even a need for servers. So, could Detroit become the next Silicon Valley? Paxton says no. “We’ll create something different here.”


Sephone Interactive: Are You a Human?


From Sephone

CAPTCHA…annoys the human that’s trying to match the cryptic letters, because they happened to forget their secret decoder ring in their cereal box. Not only that, but as a website owner you could potentially lose submissions from your website, simply because people might not have the patience to try to guess these squiggles or constantly refreshing the CAPTCHA until they find one that can be read.


Webloggerz: Break The Captcha Code Misery With A Game


From Webloggerz

Playthru is very simple yet highly innovative product to help combat spammers…In my opinion, [it] will definitely prove to be the real game changer in upcoming years in the web market. Hopefully it will bring an end to text based Captcha systems soon.


PlayThru on Nettuts+’s “What’s Hot in 2013″ List


From Nettuts+

Enter PlayThru: a CAPTCHA alternative, which asks users to play a simple mini-game instead of typing unreadable gibberish. It’s easy to implement, and is nearly uncrackable by any existing CAPTCHA solving solutions.


EntrepreNEWS Automation Alley: Detroit tech startup asks ‘Are You a Human’?


From Automation Alley

Whether creating a new email account or buying concert tickets online, it’s an annoyance we all encounter: trying to decode the squiggly letter and number combinations that confuse automated spam programs and insure we are – in fact – human. Detroit-based entrepreneur and CEO Tyler Paxton, 30, felt there had to be a better solution to this problem: something dynamic and complex enough to block spam programs, yet simple and fun for actual people. So, Paxton thought, why not use a game?


B&T: Digital Degustation: Games Replacing CAPTCHA Codes


From B&T

You know CAPTCHA codes, those annoying words you need to decipher on web forms (but never can) to verify you’re a human? Now there’s a much better way—a game.


PC Magazine SecurityWatch: An End to CAPTCHA Agony


From SecurityWatch

The developers at Are You a Human aren’t shy about expressing their scorn for traditional CAPTCHA schemes. They’ve got a point; CAPTCHA can be awful…I was impressed by the wide range of variation in the games. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see the last of text-based CAPTCHA.


The Next Web: Are you a human? CAPTCHA alternative brings themed games and translations to its online authentication tool


From The Next Web

Back in the early 2000s, the text-based CAPTCHA was a brilliant idea, which not only saved mankind from tons of spam, but also spurred the development of image processing tools that would allow to overcome this type of defense. Later on, when CAPTCHAs grew barely readable for both bots and humans, alternative solutions started to appear…Detroit-based Are You A Human has introduced new customization options for its game-based alternative CAPTCHA PlayThru, adding themed games and translations to some European languages.


The Gamification Corporation: Beat CAPTCHA by Playing Games with PlayThru



It is no coincidence that the sloppy CAPTCHA has a dropoff rate that is nearly equivalent to the increased conversion rate of PlayThru…Are You A Human is concerned most about making the Internet a better place and I think never having to deal with CAPTCHA again would be absolutely amazing.


CNet Australia: Best CAPTCHAs that won’t break your head


From CNet Australia

“Don’t you hate those CAPTCHAs that leave you squinting at the screen in irritated bewilderment? Here are some systems that are a little more user friendly.”


Model D Media: Business evolution: From incubation to visibility


From Model D Media

“We went to a uniquely named Detroit firm called Are You a Human, which launched while the co-founders were getting their MBAs at the University of Michigan and incubating at the school’s TechArb facility. The time spent there gave them the confidence and motivation to strike out on their own. Today, the company is one of many creative ventures in downtown Detroit’s M@dison Building, which is getting national attention for creating the groundwork for what some are calling ‘Webward’ or ‘Silicon Valley 2.0.’ ”


VentureBeat: Are You a Human makes what sucks suck less (and maybe not suck at all)


From VentureBeat

“Captchas have gotten so hard that 25 percent of the time, the people who did stay on the site leave…that’s like getting ten visitors to your front door, turning three of them away without even talking to them, and then turning away another two when they can’t answer a skill-testing question about the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.”


Forbes: Detroit Startup Asks (and Names Itself), Are You a Human?


From Forbes

“Because automated software tools are increasingly able to bypass CAPTCHAs, and because users are increasingly annoyed by them, Are You a Human? has turned human authentication into a game with its quick, fun PlayThru challenges. This month, the 5 millionth PlayThru game was played.”<


Are You a Human on BBC Radio Explaining CAPTCHA and PlayThru


From You & Yours on BBC Radio

Co-Founder Reid Tatoris talks with BBC Radio show You & Yours about what CAPTCHA is, why its used, and how PlayThru is better.


PlayThru aims to make CAPTCHA more secure and more fun



“Traditional CAPTCHA is steadily losing favor on the Internet, proving continually frustrating to well-intentioned users and easily exploitableto malicious hackers and spammers. A startup called Are You a Human has announced its own unique approach to fixing CAPTCHA: turning it into a game.”


CAPTCHA Alternative Aims to Outsmart Computers, Not Humans



“A Michigan startup called Are You A Human (AYAH) has developed a pretty fun way to prove to a website that you are, indeed, a human being. Instead of typing out distorted text or sound, you’re presented with a quick drag-and-drop game called a PlayThru, like dragging parts of a face onto an Mr. Potato-like head, or dragging a car into an empty parking space.”


The Consumerist highlights PlayThru’s alternative to CAPTCHA


From The Consumerist

“If you’ve ever been faced with a CAPTCHA sullenly asking you to type the words in a box below a mishmash of crossed out and jumbled letters, you know how frustrating it can be when you’re inevitably told to try again with another set of just as flurbled letters. A new company says it has an easier way to prove you’re not a robot, just a regular old flustered human…”


Turning human authentication into a game with PlayThru via PC World



“Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and universal hatred of CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA, of course, is the system that’s used on countless Web sites to prove that a user is human, and not some ‘bot looking to wreak havoc.” A Gaming Replacement for Those Annoying CAPTCHAs


From Readwriteweb:

“We all know about those authentication blocks of text called CAPTCHAs, perhaps too well. (Today’s fun trivia: The acronym stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.). A new idea from PlayThru is to embed a small Flash or HTML5-based game that a human plays with a mouse to prove he or she really is a carbon-based life form. It is intriguing, potentially less annoying, and has captured (if you will excuse the pun) a few supporters already. The service is just getting started, and it is free to try out.”


Engadget: PlayThru Hopes To Kill Text Captchas


From Engadget

“At their worst, captchas are impossible to decipher; at their best, they’re… fun? A startup called Are You a Human has developed PlayThru, an alternative to text-based authentication. Instead of requiring the user to type some blurry, nonsensical word, PlayThru has them play a mini-game, such as dragging and dropping a car into an open parking spot.”


Small mention in Canada! From The Globe and Mail: Small Business Briefing


From The Globe and Mail

“CAPTCHA — you know, those indecipherable text boxes you have to type in at websites to verify that you’re human — may be a thing of the past if one Detroit-based startup gets its way, Digital Trends reports.” Prove You’re a Human without CAPTCHA



“There are several methods the Internet uses to separate humans from robots, whether you’re attempting to post a comment on your favorite blog or watch a video (or recover a lost password).  Most verification systems use CAPTCHAs, an often illegible combination of letters and numbers you must accurately decipher to view or post content.” PlayThru offers playful captcha alternative



“Don’t you just hate it when you often need to solve a captcha whenever you want to log in to select websites? You know, those irritating slanted and jumbled group of letters and numbers, where sometimes, you cannot even tell whether it is the letter ‘o’ or the number ’0′, or if the particular letter is in the uppercase or not.” Startup wants to end the pain of illegible Captchas by introducing mini-games instead



“Detroit-based startup Are You a Human has come up with an game-based alternative to the Captcha, those word-based authentication systems used around the web.”


PlayThru featured by Simple games could replace annoying ‘captchas’



We were featured by on their technology blog!  Check it out!

“One of the most frustrating parts of logging into some websites is trying to solve a “captcha,” the jumbled, slanted and often maddeningly indecipherable group of letters used to verify that you are in fact a human and not an automated “bot,” or program.” Read All About It: Blog News


From A Home in College Hill

“I was contacted to locally participate in a user review/demo of a new plug-in Are You A Human is developing for users. It s supposed to eliminate CAPTCHA while still providing a lot of security, by making it fun with games. Makes me want to move over to sooner than later. I need to get on that. It was fun to do, really fast,and hey, who doesn’t hate CAPTCHA. The more work you need to do to leave a comment, the less likely you are to do it.” PlayThru: Game Based CAPTCHAs For Your Site



“All of us have been proved non-human at some point or another by rogue CAPTCHAs. They are often unreadable and almost always annoying. PlayThru is a great alternative to traditional CAPTCHAs where instead of words or phrases, the CAPTCHA requires you to complete a 2-3 second game. Once you complete the dead simple game, you can proceed to the actual webpage.”


Forbes: Fighting Bots With Fun


From Forbes

“We’ve all had to go through the horrible pain of filling out a form online. We input all the necessary information and get to the end, only to face off with those obnoxious, squiggly letters and numbers, trying desperately to fill out the confusing, off-putting image to prove we’re not a spammer robot.” Detroit Business Succeeds With “Are You a Human” – Offers Tips to Start-Ups


From Tell Us Detroit

“If you’re a frequent internet user or shopped online, then you have likely encountered a CAPTCHA, that string of squiggly and distorted letters you have to decipher before proceeding with a transaction or posting a comment.We participated in a panel at the Madison Theater Building with some other Bizdom U companies.” Growing companies, uncovering talent


From Model D

“Of all the verbal gems thrown out at last week’s speaker series event on growing companies it’s hard to top this one: “fear is good.”

No, it’s not as alliterative as Gordon Gecko’s “Greed is good” line from the movie Wall Street. That was fiction. And it was the 1980s.”


From The WordPress Experts: CAPTCHA’s Suck. Here’s Your Free Alternative to Protect WordPress Forms


From Wordpress Experts

“Are you tired of CAPTCHA’s? I bet everyone is. An annoying sequence of Q and A that is occasionally impossible and usually implausible. Made up words and difficult-to-decipher audio clues make getting into a website more difficult than it needs to be. Are You a Human’s PlayThru gives you a new option, available for WordPress in the form of a plugin called Are You a Human – Free CAPTCHA Alternative.”


Are You a Human features among 6 CAPTCHA Alternatives to Improve Conversion



“CAPTCHA is more than a catchy name, it’s an acronym —Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. But in practical terms, CAPTCHAs are often Consistently Annoying, and Prevent The Conversion from Happening A-Lot.

One study by Stanford University (link opens as PDF) found 3 human users agreed on the “translation” of the CAPTCHA only 71% of the time. Overall success rates were ~85% on average.” Game-based CAPTCHA alternative offers increased security, fun for users



“CAPTCHAs have long been used as a means of defense against hackers and bots but the increasing trend of outsourcing the hacking of CAPTCHAs to cheap labor forces could prompt the search for a different method. How about the gamification of the verification process?” Are You a Human hires 4 downtown, looks to add web developers


From Model D

Are You a Human is riding a nice wave of success in its first few years. The 2-year-old start-up has landed a sizable venture capital investment, hired a handful of people and is continuing its business plan competition winning streak. Now the firm is looking to hire a few more people as it works to create traction for its technology. Rock Ventures Shows Off Madison Building Restoration – January 30, 2012


From CBS Detroit

Anyone who doesn’t want to work in downtown Detroit really ought to take a look at 1555 Broadway St. Metro Detroit start-ups dominate Accelerate Michigan


From Metro Mode

“Metro Detroit firms swept into the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition and ran away with most of the $1 million in awards last month.” Game-based CAPTCHA alternative offers increased security, fun for users


From Bizreport

“CAPTCHAs have long been used as a means of defense against hackers and bots but the increasing trend of outsourcing the hacking of CAPTCHAs to cheap labor forces could prompt the search for a different method. How about the gamification of the verification process?”


Bloomberg/BusinessWeek features Are You a Human: New Ways to Captcha Bots


From Bloomberg/BusinessWeek

“It’s not your vision going bad: Those blurry words that some websites force you to retype when you log in are getting blurrier. They’re known as captchas, and they’re designed to stop malicious software from accessing a site and, say, using speedy algorithms to snatch up all the tickets to a concert in seconds. Computers have a hard time deciphering the wavy characters, but they are getting better, says Luis von Ahn, the Carnegie Mellon computer science professor who invented captchas in 2000.”


Huffington Post: Best Detroit Tech Startups Of 2011


From Huffington Post

“At times it seems there’s enough startup buzz in this town to power 12 of Dan Gilbert’s M@dison buildings, but how does one sift through the business plans of IT wannabes to find the one that could be the next Apple?”


The Ross School of Business profiles Are You a Human: It Takes A Village


From Ross School of Business Blog

Tyler Paxton, MBA ’11, entered the Michigan Ross MBA Program with an idea. Two years later, that idea has become Are You a Human LLC.  “One of the things that attracted me to the University of Michigan was the availability of funding and resources for entrepreneurs,” he says. “What I gained on campus was invaluable.”


Detroit Free Press: Venture capital drop slows Michigan’s recovery


From Detroit Free Press

“In a sign of the ongoing challenges the state faces in trying to diversify its economy, the amount of venture capital dollars being invested in Michigan companies is down sharply through the end of September and is likely to show a decline for all of…”


University of Michigan profiles Are You a Human as student entrepreneurs


From The University of Michigan office of Innovation

“Real live person or spambot? Are You a Human can tell: Everybody knows them—those irritating computer programs known as CAPTCHA that make users decipher squiggly confusing letters in order to get to the web content they want.” U-M Competition Helps Earliest Stage Startups Refine Business Models



“The Michigan Business Challenge, a four-month business plan competition sponsored by the University of Michigan’s Zell Lurie Institute, kicks off today in Ann Arbor. Student teams will compete for $60,000, gaining valuable feedback and broadening networks along the way. And the public is invited to watch at every step.”


Detroit firms (including Are You a Human) score top-shelf prizes at Accelerate Michigan


From Model D Media

“Detroit-based firms and start-ups with strong ties to the Motor City did quite well at this year’s Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, taking top spots in a couple of categories and second place in the overall competition.” Are You a Human wins Accelerate Michigan student competition



“Ann Arbor area life sciences firm DeNovo Sciences took home the top prize of $500,000, and manufacturing technology company Fusion Coolant Systems Inc. won $150,000 at the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition here Thursday.”


Fiscal times mentions Are You a Human as wacky student business plan that could succeed


From Fiscal Times

“When entering a website utilizing the “human software,” a person will be asked to complete a simple game, easy for humans, but difficult for computers to decipher. A possible victory for mankind over machine!”


University of Michigan student startup Are You a Human moves to downtown Detroit



The startup, originally based in Ann Arbor, plans to move into the Madison Theater Building when it opens in the fall.  U-M graduates and students founded the 2-year-old company as way of reinventing CAPTCHA, the squiggly words on webpages.” tells story of Are You a Human, its lead investor, and commitment to Detroit


From eCurrent

“It can be universally frustrating trying to match a distorted image of text to gain access to a website. The process, called human verification, is meant to weed out spamming programs and confirm that we are, in fact, real people.”


Crain’s Detroit Business: Tech startup Are You a Human gets funding, plans move to Detroit


From Crain's Detroit

“Detroit business journal discusses Are You a Human’s investor involvement and the company’s plans for the future.” Ann Arbor startup close to landing investment for CAPTCHA alternative



“ talks with Are You a Human developers about how they got their start and their goal of ridding the world of frustrating CAPTCHAs.”


Are You a Human takes second place in the 2011 Rice University business plan competition


From CSS Money

“Are You a Human participated in the 2011 Rice University business plan competition against 42 other teams, finishing 2nd and earning $154,000 in prize money and in-kind awards.  The business plan is known as the Super Bowl of business plan competitions due to the large awards available.Are You a Human takes second place in the 2011 Rice University Business Plan Super Bowl for its alternative to the existing Internet tool for human authentication.”