About Us


This is the story of how Are You a Human came to be. You might also want to meet the team or download our brand assets.

Every good superhero has an origin story, and Are You a Human is no different. It all started like this: on a crisp fall morning in 2007, company founder and certified human Tyler was at work in Cubicle World when a neighboring colleague attempted to buy tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. (He dubiously claimed that they were for his daughters.) To the astonishment of both men, every single ticket for the show sold out in just seven minutes. Now, Hannah Montana is awesome, but she’s not that awesome. Was her fan base really so devoted that they swooped in and bought up every ticket right away?

Well, not really. A little investigation revealed that many of the tickets were bought by scalpers, to be sold immediately afterward for a huge markup.

Further digging found that these scalpers were using sophisticated computer programs to do their dirty work. The computer programs, or bots, automatically bought up all of the best seats so that they could be resold later to desperate Hannah Montana fans. But wait—didn’t the ticket sites have security measures in place that were specifically designed to prevent things like this from happening? They did: CAPTCHA. But as Tyler discovered, none of the current CAPTCHA solutions were able to consistently stop automated attacks—not to mention how unpleasant they were for users to interact with. Sites were stuck in a catch-22: the more they tried to stump bots by making CAPTCHA more difficult, the more they confused human users and drove them away.

There had to be a better solution: something dynamic and complex enough to block bots, yet simple and fun for actual people. So, Tyler thought, why not use a game?

Tyler assembled a team and, after a few years of tinkering, Are You a Human was born. Our mission: to stop bots in their tracks while ridding the internet of the vile scourge that is CAPTCHA. But we can’t do it alone. Join us in the fight against CAPTCHA today!